Equipment Specification
                            Equipment Type                Capacity                             Application
                            ET (Enclosed type)                    1.5 To 2.5 TR                      Bungalows, Hotel, Resorts
                            VRF Units                    6 HP to 16 HP                      Malls, Resorts, Hotels, Offices
                            Ceiling Concealed Datable Unit                    3.0 To 16.5 TR                      Open Offices Area Large Conference Room
                            MPS (Multi Power System)                    5.0 To 12.5 TR                      Premium Apartments ,Offices, Hotels
                            Floor Mount Package                    12 To 17.5 TR                      Banquette Hall, Offices,Shopping Mall, Hotels
                            Single Package Unit                    15 To 30.0 TR                      Factories, Shopping Mall  Multiplexes, Auditorium